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If you need prostate or renal surgery today, never fear: the cutting-edge da Vinci SP® robotic surgical system delivers dependable results with minimal recovery time. Midwest Urology Associates is one of the few urology practices in the area to have extensive experience in robotic prostate and renal surgery. Call the office in Evergreen Park, Illinois, or use the online appointment maker now.

Robotic Prostate and Renal Surgery Q & A

What are robotic prostate and renal surgery?

Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive solution for many prostate and kidney problems. Midwest Urology Associates uses the highly advanced da Vinci surgery platform to assist with many types of prostate and kidney surgery. 

With robotic surgery, your provider controls miniature telescopic instruments and a miniature camera to perform your surgery using only very small incisions rather than one very large one. 

Midwest Urology Associates is a true innovator in the field of robotic prostate and renal surgery, as they're one of the very few practices in the Midwest to have extensive experience and skill in this area. 

How does robotic surgery work?

Your Midwest Urology Associates provider makes one or two very tiny incisions in the surgical area. Robotic arms hold miniature instruments and a camera, both of which go through these surgical incisions. 

The camera relays 3D images on a magnified screen beside you. Your provider controls the robotic arms from the console while looking directly at the screen. The robotic arms act like extensions of your provider's hands. They respond to every command from your provider, never making any movements without first being told to do so by your provider. 

Robotic arms are capable of better rotation and more exact movements than any human hands could ever be, which offers the ultimate in precision.

What kind of surgeries can you do robotically?

Some of the many surgeries that Midwest Urology Associates uses robotic techniques for include:

  • Prostatectomy - prostate removal
  • Radical prostatectomy - prostate removal, and removal of all nearby tissue
  • Partial nephrectomy - kidney cancer removal, spares the healthy kidney
  • Radical nephrectomy - kidney, adrenal gland, and lymph node removal
  • Partial cystectomy - partial bladder removal
  • Radical cystectomy - bladder, prostate, and lymph node removal

Midwest Urology Associates uses a robotic approach for other procedures as well. In general, the robotic approach is almost always preferred because it offers so many advantages for you as the patient. 

What are the advantages of robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery offers the following advantages.

  • Smaller incisions
  • Less bleeding
  • Less pain
  • Faster healing
  • Reduced chance of infection
  • Less time in hospital
  • Reduced scarring after surgery

The Midwest Urology Associates team has specialized training and experience that ensures the best outcome after your robotic surgery procedure.

Call the Midwest Urology Associates office near you or use online scheduling to arrange your robotic surgery consultation today.