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Vasectomy has a near-100% success rate, and this procedure doesn’t even require major surgery. At Midwest Urology Associates in Evergreen Park, Illinois, the skilled urology specialists perform minimally invasive vasectomy on-site. The procedure requires no downtime and gives you lifelong birth control. Call the office or click the online appointment scheduler now.

Vasectomy Q & A

What is a vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a minimally invasive procedure that blocks sperm from reaching and mixing into your semen. After a vasectomy, you can still ejaculate, but your semen doesn't contain sperm anymore. Vasectomy is incredibly reliable as a form of birth control, with only one or two women out of every thousand getting pregnant if their partner has a vasectomy. 

How does the vasectomy procedure work?

Vasectomy happens on-site at Midwest Urology Associates. Your scrotal area is numb, and depending on your needs, you might also take a sedative medication. There are a couple of different kinds of vasectomy, including:

Traditional vasectomy

In a traditional vasectomy, your provider makes one or two tiny incisions in your scrotum. The two vas deferens (the duct that carries sperm) are individually cut, and then sutured or seared shut. Depending on the situation, you may have a couple of small stitches in your scrotal incisions or might be left to heal naturally. 

No-blade vasectomy

In a no-blade vasectomy, your provider palpates the scrotal skin to locate your first vas deferens and clamp it in place. Then, they create a small hole (rather than an incision) and pull it slightly open to lift the vas deferens out. As in a traditional vasectomy, your provider cuts the vas deferens and then sutures or sears it closed. They repeat the process with your other vas deferens. With a no-blade vasectomy, you don't have any external scrotal stitches because the tiny holes heal naturally. 

You can return home right away after either type of vasectomy. Both types of vasectomy require little-to-no downtime.

How long until I can rely on a vasectomy for birth control?

You can’t depend on a vasectomy for birth control until you have a clear semen analysis. Midwest Urology Associates gives you specific recommendations at the time of your vasectomy regarding semen analysis. In general, you likely wait for around three months or 20 ejaculations, whichever occurs first, to test your semen. 

If you have any sperm in your semen, you wait and repeat the test later. Always use backup birth control like condoms until you have a clear semen analysis. 

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